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Meet the magnificent team behind JusKyr

In ancient days, master blacksmiths forged their masterpieces from raw materials, strike by strike.

Their determination and obsession for perfection had no boundaries. As a family company, this is the philosophy we share and the level of attention our handmade and durable cutting boards receive. In nowadays’ competitive markets, we base our success on this business philosophy: everything or nothing. Our products are a clear reflection of who we are.

Before building this wooden handcrafted butcher block, JusKyr took the time to read thousands of negative reviews from existing products in order to absolutely build the best version possible. We carefully learned from other brands’ mistakes, and put all that information into the building process of ours. The result is a high quality and unique seasoned chopping board with an organic oiling wax that facilitates its maintenance. Everything has been carefully designed. We even asked dozens of family members, built several prototypes and spent months working on the final product until we had the perfect product for our clients.

Each of your selections is carefully revised by our team to ensure quality delivery to your doorstep. We care about each step in the process, and we make sure that packages are well-prepared before delivery.

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