Cutting Board Oil (8oz)


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  • REHYDRATING FOR WOOD: Coconut oil goes deep into the fibers of the wood to keep it healthier for longer.
  • EASY TO APPLY: The oil comes in a recyclable bottle with a protective seal over the cap to prevent inappropriate spills.
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: This oil is made entirely from 100% food-safe, organic and all-natural fractionated organic orange, coconut oil, organic rosemary extract.
  • FRESH SCENT: The oil is scented with essential oil, leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and clean after each use.


Wondering why your cutting board doesn’t look like it did in the pictures?, Maybe you forgot to oil it!

Maintain the beauty and function of your wood cutting board by oiling it with our all natural Cutting Board Seasoning Oil. Made with a combination fractionated coconut oil, essential oil and rosemary extract, this wood cutting board seasoning oil will protect your cutting board, making it last for years and years.

Use our all natural cutting board seasoning oils on all of your kitchen wood – cutting boards, wood utensils, countertops and more!

Made with all natural ingredients, this product will season and protect your wood products keeping them beautiful and durable for years.

To use the oil, simply pour the oil onto a freshly cleaned cutting board and rub into the wood with a cloth. Let soak in for several hours before use. Reapply monthly, or as needed.


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